Any and Everything I love and hate, and the stuff in between. The things I love are Beautiful Men, (Remember beauty is relative), Beautiful Women(only to admire) Sorry ladies! Also love Beards, Beef (Men), Bears, Cubs,Tattoo's, Comic Books, Cartoons, The Sims, Food, and decent people. Thing I hate is people who hate others point blank! With that said welcome to my world. I hope I won't be too schizophrenic for you.

For any of my Tumblr friends or anyone who sees this and fears getting older. It’s hard for anyone to get older, but it seems to sting gay men even more. It is only as deep as you make it. I will be 43 in September and every pic you see is recent. Even as recent as yesterday,LOL! Age is a number! never let it define you or your relevance in the world.

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    So Sexy!!!
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    I’m 21, which means you’re twice my age, but you are sexy as HELL!
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    This is what over 40 looks like..
  4. samsthatoneguy said: Yes, you are one tasty treat without age having to do with it. It is probably the light you give out!
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